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“My new Ortho… (traveled from Idaho)

I am a very “active” grandma of seven…

It wasn’t until after vetting four different Ortho’s that I choose Dr. Garabekyan.I had bi-lateral labral tears in my hips and was in a lot of constant pain. I went to some of the “best” hip surgeons in LA and Beverly Hills. I left their offices feeling discouraged and not very confident. I sought out Dr. Garabekyan for his Arthroscopic Labral repair techniques (no perineal post) and recovery period.

From my 1st visit where the tears were explained and the specific details for surgery were given, I was certain he was the right surgeon. He made accommodations for a prompt surgery due to the distance I would need to travel. Dr. Garabekyan gave me his cell number and kept me informed all the way through the process. He was kind enough to share all the details a second time with my husband.

Surgery day came, Dr. Garabekyan came into the pre-op room sat with us for 15 minutes, went through the surgery details again, which was very reassuring. Surgery (on both hips) went very well and I walked same day, that was outstanding! He texted me daily to check on my recovery!! Wow! I felt like a VIP!

Pain management/recovery:

I was off narcotics within 24 hrs. Went on to Toradol for three more days, then to Ibuprofen from there. I used crutches for 1 week inside and two-weeks outside. PT started with bike riding twice a day; PT w/therapist started week 3. My PT was amazed and impressed with my recovery and the techniques that Dr. Garabekyan used. I definitely did my part, but truly believe that my recovery is and has gone so well because of the skills and expertise of my doctor.

I am 6 weeks post-op and went for a two-hour beach bike ride in Santa Barbra with my grandchildren even after walking the zoo for two-in-a-half hours!! I am thankful that I listen to my gut and did my research! All my pre-surgery pain is 100% gone! I am pleased to highly recommend Dr. Garabekyan for any of your ortho needs!”

— Cindy H. North Fork, Idaho.

“I am thankful for Dr. Garabekyan’s expertise and performing my emergency hip replacement surgery.  I couldn’t be more pleased with his congenial yet professional bed-side manner.  I am always greeted with hug and nice smile.  He has gone above and beyond my expectations.  Dr. Garabekyan is so attentive and caring while addressing all my fears, concerns and describing the treatment.  It is now 3 weeks post-op and I am walking well unassisted, experience no pain and feel great.  Under his care, I am confident of a full recovery to where I would be able dance again which was very important to me.  I am forever grateful!”

— Monique T. North Hollywood, California.

Testimoinal - Kylie Day

“When I was in 8th grade I started having some hip pain. At first it wasn’t bad I just had to take Epson salt baths after every soccer practice or any time I ran. It started to hurt me while I was playing golf. Walking up the hills and everything was torture. I finally convinced my parents that something was wrong, and we decided to go to a doctor.

We went to the Marshall Orthopedic Clinic where we met Dr. Garabekyan and he decided that I should go to Physical therapy. As I was going to physical therapy I didn’t see anything getting any better so Dr. G decided to see if the Cortisone injection would help any. It did but only for about 3 months so after all the trial and errors we decided surgery would be the next best option.

I had my surgery on February 3rd and I was so nervous. I had to go back to physical therapy and start all over but it was so worth it. I can now enjoy golf and continue on with all of my high school activities. I can now run and golf without any pain in my hip. It’s awesome!

I am very happy with my decision and its outcome. I would recommend Dr. Garabekyan because he helped find what was wrong and how to help me get back to enjoying my everyday activities. Dr. G is one of the nicest people I have met and a very comforting doctor, he was always smiling and had a positive attitude which makes everything you’re going through a lot easier.”

— Kylie Day (Age 14)

Testimonial - Jack Whitney

“Before my surgery I had pain in my hip that prevented me from doing things to my full potential. I had trouble doing any type of physical activity because of my hip problem. I had trouble sitting for long periods of time and sometimes I couldn’t even sleep because of the pain. This progressively got worse for about 2 years until I finally got an appointment with Dr. Garabekyan. He told me exactly what was causing pain and discomfort in my hip and how getting surgery would fix my problem. I decided to get the surgery and I am glad that I did. The surgery was minimally invasive and only took a few hours, and my hip has no pain whatsoever now! I’m thankful that I had the surgery and am now able to do activities pain-free.  If you are an active person experiencing hip pain due to a hip impingement I would strongly recommend you schedule an appointment with Dr. Garabekyan. He took great care of me and I’m sure he would do the same for you.”

— Jack Whitney (Age 22)

“Late 2017 I was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis (AVN) in my right hip and an arthroscopic surgery was needed. Finding Dr. Garabekyan was a blessing at such a depressing time where it was affecting every part of my life. He is not only an expert on everything hip related, but his approach with his patients is always calm, clear, and with great care. I went into the surgery with a peace of mind, largely due to the demeanor/expertise/personableness of Dr. Garabekyan.

He performed my hip arthroscopy in early January and it was done without a perineal post, enabling him to carry out simultaneous bilateral hip arthroscopy. This is an innovative method of performing the procedure that not a lot of surgeons use yet. This minimized my recovery time/complications I may have had….8 months later, I played my first competitive basketball game, marking a huge milestone in my recovery, something unimaginable this time last year.

The relationship I have with Dr. Garabekyan did not end after the surgery. He has guided me every step of the way throughout the recovery process. He provided a well written packet catered specifically to me. It included screenshots of the arthroscopic images (with thorough explanations of each image), along with exercises and do’s/don’ts for each week of recovery. He has been a text message away for any questions I have had and has been very supportive and genuinely interested in the well being of my hip.

Thank you Dr. Garabekyan

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing pain in your hip/groin area, do not hesitate to seek care. Had I not gone and gotten checked up as early as I did, my hip could have very well collapsed within the year, resulting in a hip replacement.”  — S.E. Glendale, CA


“Dr. Garabekyan is truly an amazing doctor. He knows how to make you feel welcome in his office, how to keep you calm as you are about to go through a procedure – big or small. He even followed up with me over email and it was greatly appreciated as it showed me cared. He’s a great knee doctor and I’m glad I came to him for my knee pain.

Thanks Dr. Garabekyan!” — R.T. Santa Monica, CA

“Dr. Garabekyan is the best Orthopedic Surgeon in Southern California. I won’t repeat what everyone says here on his interest in his patients , as well as the BEST bedside manner I have ever had the privilege of encountering.

A little back story on me , I am a 10 year Army Veteran , who served as a Military Police Officer. I am also a mother of twin boys , and was a competitive lifter. I was doing physical therapy for my ankle and knee , when I was told I have major hip issues , I always thought it was my back and continued to push through the pain (soldier mentality). My first visit with Dr. G was a long one , and he heard me out in my entirety. Years of heavy weight and wearing a duty belt for 36 hours at a time for months of my life , caused really bad damage requiring immediate surgery. Dr. G worked closely with my other Orthopedic Surgeon to come up with a game plan , and after going to get a CT and in depth X-rays after my MRI , my diagnosis were confirmed and surgery was scheduled.

The night out of surgery was a complete 180. I felt like I could take on the world again , I didn’t though. I have followed his rigorous post op instructions and things are only continuing to get better. If you get referred to Dr. Garabekyan you will be beyond pleased. Just follow what he asks and give it your all, and he will give you 110% in return. I was ashamed to have to have bi lateral hip surgeries at first , but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Dr. Garabekyan honestly gave me my quality of life back , and I will be forever thankful.” — S.M. Ontario, CA

“This Doctor is a stud. Smart guy who makes you feel comfortable and know you are in good hands. My first time going to a orthopedic Surgeon for a hip impingement and was impressed with how smoothly everything went. ”  — E.F. Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. G is amazing! He took time to listen to my concerns and was always available to answer questions before and after my procedure. Hands down one of the best doctors I’ve ever known!” — M.M. Calabasas Highlands, CA

“Dr Garabekyan really saved me. I had horrible hip pain and after prp he did surgery on it. Thank God I had such a skilled surgeon. He managed to save my hip and give he a new lease on life. Wonderful smart surgeon. My surgery was at Cedars And I am still paying the bill for that over the next two years, but it was less expensive then the clinic in Beverly Hills. They would not help at all on price, all out of pocket so I had to go to Cedars.” — Z.L. DeLand, FL

“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Garabekyan. The world is lucky to have this guy as a surgeon.

Long (background) story short: At 25, I’d been living through nine years of daily, intensifying hip pain that was beginning to severely interfere with my everyday life. I had already had one surgery (plus multiple injections, years of PT, several diagnoses, and way too many doctors for my age).

So last year, my doctor-at-the-time recommended I research a rare procedure called a PAO, explaining that most healthcare professionals have literally not even heard of this surgery that treats patients with hip dysplasia and instability (instead of or way before a hip replacement).

I looked it up, and Dr. Garabekyan’s research was right there, clearly setting him apart as leading on this front. I never imagined I’d get to call him MY surgeon!
He instantly made me feel comfortable, and I had immediate respect for and confidence in him. During my very first visit with him, I UNDERSTOOD MY DIAGNOSIS for the first time in almost a decade.

When it came to planning & prepping for my surgeries (a bi-lateral hip arthroscopy followed by a PAO), he walked me through the whole process, guiding me every step of the way and making sure I understood. He is not only patient and so friendly; he gives out his CELL phone number, guys. He even texts to check in.

Anyway, everything went remarkably well–beyond expected. He is a MASTER at this procedure. He was THERE, he found a way to make actually EVERYthing easy (did I mention patient?); he went above and beyond, over and over. He is uncommonly, extraordinarily considerate.

I’m now 3 months out, and the results have really been nothing short of amazing. I mean, I’m 26 and I have a brand-new hip…but it’s mine, just in a different position. And it’s working perfectly and almost always painlessly. (3 months!! After they sawed my pelvis in half!!)

Recommending Dr. Garabekyan is not even a question–trust me, at this point, my entire extended family, all of my co-workers, and my friends know his name and the level of individualized care he’s shown through this gift he’s given me.
I cried when I first read–on the PAO page of the SoCal Hip Institute website–“We look forward to helping you get your life back.” And now it’s happening. Right now, to me, as I’m recovering and finding JOY in how my body is working, because of him. This is a life-changing gift that he’s giving.” — J.S. Pasadena, California

“Cannot say enough good things about Dr. Garabekyan. Beyond his expertise in orthopedics is a bedside manner and personality second to none. I’ve had to see more surgeons and specialists in my life than most I’d hazard to guess and Dr. G is definitely a new generation of approachable and informative doctors, besides being one heck of a surgeon.

I’ve undergone two hip surgeries with Dr. G, first referred to him by another orthopedic surgeon because of his reputation as a preservationist. He really does focus on everything that can be done to save or extend the life of your natural hip before jumping straight to replacement.

Before I comment on my two surgeries I’d like to talk about how amazingly approachable and caring this doctor has been in my experience. It starts with a wealth of information he provides on your condition and potential procedures. In appointments, he takes the time to listen, answer questions, etc. he’s not trying to rush out the door to the next patient. He’s also been incredibly responsive to questions via email, and if that isn’t amazing enough I don’t know of another doctor let alone a surgeon who provides a number to phone or text post-op and actually answers. His approachability and caring is quite mind blowing.

I had some other health issues in between my two surgeries with Dr. G including a disc I herniated in my back and required surgery, yeah it was a rough year. Dr. G was aware I was having the surgery but I wasn’t under his care for that condition. That didn’t stop him from reaching out the evening after I was out of surgery.

My first surgery was not a successful outcome, but not by any fault of Dr. G. We had planned a DFO procedure to realign my femur that grew out of position from a childhood condition. Unfortunately, a screw that was already in my hip since childhood obscured the extent of the socket damage in the MRI. Once Dr. G got in there it was clear a replacement was needed and the DFO would not help and only complicate the replacement. Instead of just closing me up and scheduling the replacement, Dr. G still made every attempt to repair damage, create some clearance and stimulate new cartilage growth, spending six hours (DFO was scheduled for 2-3 hours) trying to buy me more time. There was just too much damage and loss of cartilage to preserve it and a year later we scheduled the replacement.

I am very happy with the results of my hip replacement. Everything went as planned and my recovery has been going quite well, even with my not being as diligent with my strengthening exercises since I’ve returned to work. Not only has my body had to recover from the implant, my muscles have had to relearn some of their mechanics as my femur used to be about 30% out of alignment. Today I went for a hike that two years ago I would have been in too much pain to attempt. Nothing major just 2.18 miles with 200-300 feet in elevation changes but the hip was not a factor. No pain during the hike, no stability problems, and even now about five hours after the hike no stiffness and very little soreness.

Dr. Garabekyan has given me my mobility back and the opportunity to get more active and back into better shape.” — R.P. Stevenson Ranch, California.

“I’m writing because I’m hoping that if you are someone who needs an orthopedic surgeon, as I did, this may help.

After years of trying non-surgical methods that didn’t work and missing out on more and more activities due to knee pain, I finally decided it was time. I had to get total knee replacements. But where? No one had recommendations and I was not eager to undergo major surgery blindly.

So, being a writer/researcher, I did a massive amount of homework. I investigated online, including YeIp, read all I could about every local orthopedic surgeon’s background/education/experience and compiled a list of all the questions you’re supposed to ask. I read a lot but the result was that I found the perfect surgeon for me and I’d bet, for you, too.

Dr. Tigran Garabekyan first impressed me with his credentials, which anyone can check. But he also listened and answered questions. I had brought about 30 of them, ranging from what kind of device he used (and its track record) to how many of these operations did he perform per year? He answered each and every one, without ever looking at his watch or expressing any kind of impatience. He even asked if there were more.

Far from being intimidating, as some surgeons can be, Dr. Garabekyan was kind and encouraging, while exuding a quiet confidence that alleviated a lot of my fear. Not that I was ever going to look forward to surgery but at least, he made it less daunting by preparing me. He told me what I needed to do – pre- and post- operation – to get the best results and he explained the procedure so I would know what to expect.

No one can promise a painless experience but I must say, with both my knee surgeries, there was nothing more than mild discomfort and that was in the physical therapy phase, not post-surgery. I don’t think that was a result of having “Wonder Woman” genes. It was because of the efforts of a gifted, skilled and caring surgeon.

Finally, no doctor or surgeon has ever given me a cell phone number to call if I needed to speak with them. But when I needed to, I called, fully expecting to have a service tell me that they would pass along the message. After all, it was a Sunday. But sure enough, Dr. Garabekyan answered his phone and without any hint of annoyance, only concern, fully listened to me and gave me the advice I needed.

If you are living with orthopedic pain, I am truly sorry and can absolutely identify. But when you’re ready, I could give no better advice than to contact Dr. Tigran Garabekyan.

Best to you.” — P.A. North Hollywood, California.

“I am a 48 year old male police sergeant whose body has been through sports injuries, weightlifting injuries, work incidents, and the beating that comes with raising three athletes. With that being said, in June of this year I tore my rotator cuff and damaged the labrum of my right shoulder while helping carry a piece of furniture. My health insurance company gave me the option of two different surgeons to choose from. I decided to meet with both of them to help me make an educated choice on which doctor to go with.

Of course I immediately checked Yelp and found some excellent reviews for Dr. Garabekyan. I made an appointment which was easy and was scheduled within two weeks. Kerry and the other staff was very helpful in providing me a list of the things I would need to bring from my primary care physician, which I did.

Upon meeting Dr. Garabekyan he was very professional and knowledgeable about what he felt I needed to have done. But beyond his professionalism, he was very kind and seemed to understand my apprehension in allowing anyone to do surgery on me when my job requires me to be ready for many types or interactions with the public.
He urged me to seek another opinion if I wanted and recommended that I continue to do my research for the surgeon I would feel most comfortable with.

I felt so confident in Dr. Garabekyan that I decided I didn’t need to keep looking and to allow him to do my shoulder surgery. After a pre op appointment I was scheduled for surgery on the 2nd of August.
Two quick points on the surgery:
1. The Glendale Surgery Center was very convenient and parking was easy, super close, and free.
2. The staff at the Center, especially the anesthesiologist Dr. Chan, were amazing.
Ok maybe one more quick point…
3. Dr. Garabekyan and Dr. Chan are conscientious and caring. Shoulder surgery is notoriously a painful one. The protocol I read about for most doctors is to prescribe strong narcotic medication to help the patient alleviate the pain in the first weeks after surgery. What most doctors don’t tell you is that when patients conditions allow, there is a procedure that can be done with a small catheter inserted into the lower neck that is connected to a bottle of some type of anesthesia. This non narcotic anesthesia numbs the whole shoulder area and almost completely erases the need for pain medications. I had this in for 4 days after surgery and it seemed miraculous as I felt no pain.

The reason most doctors don’t do these procedures, while obviously very helpful to the patient, is because it takes more time to do, and most doctors want to do as many surgeries as possible in a day to maximize their earning potential. Dr. Garabekyan chose to concern himself with my health and well-being than he did about anything else. It was a breath of fresh air to find that out.

The surgery was a success. Dr. Garabekyan said it looked as though an explosion had occurred in my shoulder. I had a severe full length tear in one of the tendons in my rotator cuff as well as some fraying to the other and some damage to the labrum. As I expected, he said much of the damage appeared to be from previous shoulder injuries which made sense due my lifestyle.
All of the damage was repaired through three half inch arthroscopic cuts in my shoulder which were painless and quick healing.

Post surgery both Doctors Garabekyan and Chan stayed in contact with me via phone and text to check on me and my progress. This was very comforting as well as professional.

In two days it will be two months since my surgery and I am so happy with my progress and the results of the surgery. I kept to the doctors orders and maintained a strict physical therapy regimen an prescribed by Dr. Garabekyan, and it has paid off. My range of motion is at 99% and getting better. While the shoulder is still not very strong, as regaining strength is the last part of the treatment set down by Dr. Garabekyan, I am super pleased with my progress and super confident the strength in my shoulder will return.

If you have read this far into this long post, then I’m guessing like me, you and your family depend on you choosing the right surgeon to fix your shoulder, hip, or knee. While I cannot speak to the abilities of other surgeons you are considering to do your procedure, I can with all honestly and sincerity recommend Dr. Tigran Garabekyan to help you get through this experience.
His work and professionalism is all that I hoped would come from my surgeon.

Please feel free to reach out to me with questions if this post did not answer yours. Better yet, call Dr. Garabekyan’s office and make an appointment for a consultation. You will be happy you did.” — M.P. Burbank, California.

“I am so, so grateful to have found Dr. Garabekyan. I found him through reviews on Yelp, so I feel very compelled to pay it forward.

About a year ago I started experiencing significant pain in my hips. I looked online for a hip specialist while on vacation in Europe and was able to easily set up an appointment with Dr. Garabekyan. In my first appointment, he was very thorough and focused on really listening to my concerns with taking x-rays and helping me understand what was going on. We tried treating the issue with Physical Therapy, but in the end, I scheduled bilateral hip arthroscopy with Dr. Garabekyan in June.

On the day of my surgery, Dr. Garabekyan did a fantastic job of calming my nerves and talking back through the procedure again (maybe for the 6th time at that point!) to make sure I thoroughly understood his plan. The surgery day went smoothly at Cedars — with bilateral hip surgery it took about 5.5 hours. I stayed in recovery for about 5 or 6 hours (my choice… I get nauseated easily and wanted to be fine with motion sickness before I left). I was able to walk that day (unbelievable) and my recovery went smoothly from there.

Dr. Garabekyan gave me his cell phone number and always responded immediately when I had questions… even on nights and weekends. I truly felt (and still feel) as though he was both personally and professionally invested in my successful recovery. He has pages and pages of a recovery protocol that I was able to pass along to my Physical Therapists. I know that I am doing so well at 3 months post-surgery now because of Dr. Garabekyan’s thorough and meticulous work before, during and after my surgery.

Thanks for everything, Dr. Garabekyan! I am so glad to have my mobility back again!!” — L.M. Los Angeles, California.

“I had an extremely complicated and difficult to diagnose hip condition, the kind that usually requires 5 doctors to diagnose. Dr Garabekyan figured out the problem in the first visit, backed up his suspicions with thorough testing, and put together a treatment plan that has me fully functioning after only a few weeks. His expertise and knowledge is unparalleled and matched by his genuine concern and caring for his patients. I am beyond grateful to have found someone who can get me back to my workouts so efficiently!” — G.S. San Clemente, California.

“Dr. Garabekyan is by far the best doctor I know. I went to see him because of pain in my left hip. I am a very active person and had been pushing through some pain in the hip for over 2 years. Dr. Garabekyan reviewed my MRI and X-Rays and explained the damage and the course of action with a lot of detail and patience. He always allowed for questions and impressed me with his vast knowledge. My hips needed surgery and Dr. Garabekyan supported me through the entire process. From regular office visits and detailed review of the condition of my hips to check-ins after surgery, Dr. Garabekyan made sure that I was comfortable with the procedure, clear on my medications and on top of my hip exercises. I have never met a doctor before that cares about his/her patients so much and is passionate about a succesful outcome. Dr. Garabekyan provided a detailed recovery protocol for my hip PT. Several PT offices complimented me on how detailed the protocol is and how it contributes to a successful recovery. We followed it and it truly helped me to get back to my exercises fast. Dr. Garabekyan is a fantastic doctor. Extremely patient, detail-oriented, driven and caring. He will listen to your concerns, explain your options and support you through the process. I am truly thankful I was in his care and would recommend him to anyone that needs help.” — J.S. Burbank, California.

“Dr. Garabekyan replaced my husband”s hip and repaired my shoulder in a very difficult surgery. He did an amazing job on both. He is such a skilled and dedicated surgeon. He is kind and caring, always answers texts back right away and really cares about his patients. 5 stars is not enough for Dr. Garabekyan!!!!” — K.D. North Hollywood, California.

“Dr. Garabekyan is one of the best doctors I have seen. He is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and kind. Three years ago another orthopedist diagnosed me with bi-lateral hip dysplasia and offered me no remedies to ease my pain and discomfort nor outlined a plan for me. This happened with two other doctors and I felt frustrated that there was no hope to alleviating my pain other that waiting out until a hip replacement would be an option for me in a 10+ years.
The pain had recently gotten so bad that I went and saw Dr. Garabekyan. I brought my images and after reviewing them he explained in a very detailed manner what was going on with my hips, why I am having the pain I am having and identify exactly where the discomfit and pain was. He gave me three options to explore now to minimize my pain and discomfort in the time between now and either a hip replacement surgery or PAO surgery. I am now finally on the right path to managing my pain and feeling like I have a doctor who understands and cares about what is going on.” — L.G. Manhattan, New York.

“Doctor G is amazing. He took such good care of my mom. I can not thank him enough for his time, dedication, and patient care. My mom had a fractured wrist and was in a lot of pain. After seeing him she is feeling so much better. He’s extremely knowledgeable, patient, and kind… definitely three characteristics I look for in doctors. I can safely say he will be our main doctor from now on with related issues! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an exceptional doctor in the area”

— E.M. San Francisco, California.

“In my 65 years, this was the first time a physician has given me his cell phone number. I was able to text him before and after my surgery. He is kind, an excellent listener, and treats his patients with respect. His technique was impeccable. With my first hip surgery four years ago I had a large incision closed with irritating staples that got infected. Dr. Garabekyan made a much smaller incision and glued it together. I went home the next morning after my hip replacement! My recovery was smooth and his pain management prescription worked very well. My hip is now pain free and I walk with ease. I feel blessed to have had him as my surgeon and recommend him highly!!”

— L.M. Burbank, California.

“I don’t typically like doctors in Los Angeles very much because I often feel like their recommendations are primarily based upon ways they can bill me more. Like going to the car repair and being sold things your car doesn’t actually need, I’ve always felt it was the same with doctors. I’m not a doctor so I have to trust you and take your word for it, and I hate realizing later that I could have simply gotten a good amount of rest and been patient instead of paying for a bunch of unnecessary tests, etc. that would tell us the same thing.

I met Dr. Garabekyan several months ago after injuring myself at the gym. I was really impressed with his knowledge, demeanor, and follow-through…he had a lot of suggestions for my pain and its cause, but mostly he recommended some simple things I could do at home and before workouts that would solve my problem. It wasn’t that he wasn’t thorough…he just was able to put me at ease and didn’t feel it was immediately necessary to run up a bill simply for “peace of mind.”

For his specialization I’d say he’s a pro. I had one of the better experiences I’ve ever had at a doctor’s office, and I wish he was a general practitioner.”

— M.A. Los Angeles, California.

“Dr. Garabekyan is by far the best doctor I know.

I went to see him because of pain in my left hip. I am a very active person and had been pushing through some pain in the hip for over 2 years. Dr. Garabekyan reviewed my MRI and X-Rays and explained the damage and the course of action with a lot of detail and patience. He always allowed for questions and impressed me with his vast knowledge. My hips needed surgery and Dr. Garabekyan supported me through the entire process.

From regular office visits and detailed review of the condition of my hips to check-ins after surgery, Dr. Garabekyan made sure that I was comfortable with the procedure, clear on my medications and on top of my hip exercises. I have never met a doctor before that cares about his/her patients so much and is passionate about a succesful outcome.

Dr. Garabekyan provided a detailed recovery protocol for my hip PT. Several PT offices complimented me on how detailed the protocol is and how it contributes to a successful recovery. We followed it and it truly helped me to get back to my exercises fast.

Dr. Garabekyan is a fantastic doctor. Extremely patient, detail-oriented, driven and caring. He will listen to your concerns, explain your options and support you through the process. I am truly thankful I was in his care and would recommend him to anyone that needs help.”

— J.S. Burbank, California.



“Dr. Garabekyan is an outstanding physician. His attention to detail, keen intellect, deep sense of empathy and compassion and general love for what he does is unmatched and a very welcome way to be treated as a patient.

In addition, his staff was friendly, efficient and most importantly appeared to have a profound level of respect and admiration for him.

Dr. Garabekyan is a breath of fresh air in the orthopedic world and I am so grateful to have found him.”

— D.B. Venice, California.

“Doctor Tigran Garabekyan is the most wonderful doctor I have ever met. He takes care of his patients and listens to their concerns. I’m thankful to find him, he worked very hard so that I could have the best possible help I needed. I will highly recommend anybody to go see Doctor Garabekyan when they needed! Thank you so much for your terrific  work!”

— N.B. Los Angeles, California.

“Wow is all I can say. I had my first visit today. I have had too many knee surgeries to count. My insurance co. Sent me to Dr. Garabekyan. An Incident happened today where I had to have a couple of shots. Because I have extensive scar tissue it really hurt.(NOT the Dr’s.Fault). Anyhow, I got very faint and most doctors would have been jerks but Dr. Garabekyan was the absolute kindest, caring Dr. I have ever had for an orthopedic. He was so patient. Kept checking on me and so did his staff. You never find this with Orthopedics. I am so grateful to have found him. His staff is awesome as well. With all my knee surgeries I consider myself quite the expert on Orthpedics. Lol! Thank you Dr. and staff!”

“I have had Over 15 knee surgeries and many orthopedics. I feel very qualified to give this review . Recently I have had to get some injections that,because of my knee history, were quite painful. Dr. Garabakyan was simply phenomenal. He was so so kind. Many other doctors would just be rude and not compassionate at all. Dr. Garabakyan and his nurse were so unbelievably kind. I truly am so grateful. I tend to faint sometimes when I get shots but the Dr. had water for me, the nurse even fixed my pillows! Most importantly, they also had a great sense of humor! I know a double knee replacement is on the horizon and I have been procrastinating for awhile, but I finally found the Dr. that I know will do the best job as well as actuating kind and compassionate. We all know that that is almost impossible nowadays. Also, his staff is fantastic as well. Very caring. I truly cannot say enough. If you need a amazing orthopedic, please see Dr. Garabakyan and his entire staff!. Thank you ”

— M.G. Beverly Hills, California.

“Dr. Tigran Garabekyan
Is the most amazing and knowledgeable doctor I have ever met he’s been treating me for the pain in my shoulder and perform my surgery. Just a God send. I have regain the mobility on my shoulder I can now move my arm! For almost 3 years I could not and my shoulder was frozen in place.have seen other doctors whom did not help or listen and send me on my way. Not Dr Tigran he cares, listens and I have access to him 24/7 I have complete trust in his ability to care for me as a patient. I wish more doctors were like him! He has made my recovery process easier!!!

Ps . The staff is also really helpful, and there ability to deal with my insurance to meet my needs it’s impressive.”

— T.G. Los Angeles, California.



“Dr. Tigran Garabekyan, I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you for your fantastic care of my Mom.  Your quality and integrity as a doctor and, more fundamentally, as a person, shine through. I cannot thank you enough for the excellent care you have provided. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for you. You have a special gift as a doctor and as a person. You took the time to listen and to make my Mom feel valued and respected. You are truly a remarkable doctor and professional that we respect and trust.  If anybody is looking for a great doctor look no further this man is truly the best in the profession.”

— A.S. Burbank, California.

“Doctor Tigran Garabekyan is the most wonderful doctor I have ever met. He takes care of his patients and listens to their concerns. I’m thankful to find him, he worked very hard so that I could have the best possible help I needed. I will highly recommend anybody to go see Doctor Garabekyan when they needed! Thank you so much for your terrific work!”

— N.B. Los Angeles, California.

“cant say enough great, wonderful things about Dr. G. He did a terrific job on my fractured shoulder 4 months ago, and yesterday did my husbands hip replacement. He is so very patient, explains everything, and we both had total confidence in his surgical ability. I healed so fast, and my husband came home the 2nd day, and doing great! I wish we could give more than 5 stars!!!

— K.D. North Hollywood, California.

“Great source of care and information. Answered all my questions thoroughly and with good communication. I felt listened to and treated well.”

— A.S. Valley Village, California.

“Dr. Garabekyan performed my son’s knee surgery. I was very concerned because my son is an athlete and he had a very serious injury involving the meniscus as well as a possible acl reconstruction. We felt very comfortable with Dr. Garabekyan because he was very thorough during the exam and he explained the different possibilities very carefully. He also took the time to consult with his colleagues in this case. His care after the surgery was also excellent. After the surgery he gave us his personal phone number to call or text with any questions. He called to see how my son was doing often after the surgery in between follow up appointments. When the Physical Therapy office couldn’t get my son in right away, Dr. G made a phone call and suddenly my son had an appointment the next day.”

— V.C. Los Angeles, California.

“I went in to see the Dr with 2 broken ankles a few months ago. I have never Met such a caring, sensitive Dr in my life. He took his time & didn’t rush out as most Drs would. I totally trust hm & would recommend him to any of my friends and family. He is the best & his crew is very friendly . Thank you Dr !! See you soon”

— L.J. Los Angeles, California.

“After a nasty fall, I was given the unpleasant news that my CT scans and X-Rays showed multiple broken bones in my foot, patella and femur. As I waited for the Orthopedist to show up at the ER, I was told that I may need a rod placed in my femur bone to enhance recovery time and ensure strength. As I sat there in complete shock thinking I now need surgery, the nurses prepped me to be admitted. The ortho surgeon arrived shortly thereafter and started giving me the bad news. At first, I believed him and trusted him…but in a very short amount of time I realized that this doctor was pushing me to do surgery even though all my questions and his answers led to the same recovery time duration and strength results at the very end of my recovery stage if i did not do surgery and opted in for natural healing. I sent off that surgeon in a pissy mood after I opted out of surgery and wanted to go home.

The next day, I did my research online (google, forums, yelp) and was very pleased by Dr. Garabekyan’s reviews and ratings. I decided to call in and make a emergency appointment. Sure enough the doctor was able to squeeze me in that that(lucky for me) and I went in for my 2nd opinion. At first, my arrival was pleasant as I was greeted by the staff, given forms to fill out and was taken in almost immediately. I was taken into the examination room where I met Dr. Garabekyan and was happy to see he was not technologically set back and was able to view my CD and emails full of x-rays and CT scans quite simply. I had a load of questions and concerns for the doctor and I was expecting very clear answers. Sure enough, I sat there while the doc answered all of my questions confidently, patiently and did not seem like he was short on time or rushed me at all. Dr. Garabekyan gave me clear instructions on what to do and what NOT to do and covered every “if” avenue that may arise during my recovery.

I cannot even explain the peace of mind that rushed through my mind after my visit with Dr. Garabekyan. I loved the vibe I got from that entire visit, something that is scarce during doctor visits these days. I would definitely recommend Dr. Garabekyan to any family or friend of mine. Hope my experience will someday help another person in need of an orthopedic doctor.”

— R.M. Glendale, California.

“I first would like to start by saying how amazing Dr. G is! When I first met him for my consultation he explained everything to me in detail and made me feel comfortable in knowing that everything would be ok with my ACL reconstruction surgery. I had been to a previous doctor and no one compared to the knowledge and patience that Dr. G had with me. I am going through my physical therapy at the moment and he is still guiding me to this day and having me feel confident that everything well be okay and that I should be up and active soon. I can’t thank him enough for the amazing work he did on my knee and I would be more than happy to recommend him to any of my friends and family or for to whomever reads this review. Thank you Dr. G!”

— V.L. Los Angeles, California.

“My husband, Craig, had hip replacement surgery by Dr. Garabekyan 2 weeks ago. Craig is very happy with his progress. Dr Garabekyan is the nicest Doctor we’ve ever met. He’s always available for any questions or concerns before and after surgery. I can’t say enough about him. He’s the best and I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat.”

— T.N. Los Angeles, California.

“I recently went to see Dr. Garabekyan due to some issues with my knee.  I can’t say enough positive things about him.  He’s very knowledgable and professional.  I ended up needing to have my ACL replaced and I have been very happy with the outcome.  He was very reassuring just before the surgery which really helps to put a patient at ease.  He’s willing to communicate outside of an office visit via e-mail or text.  I e-mailed him a couple of nights ago at about 9:30 p.m. and he responded two minutes later.  I’ve never waited for more than 10 minutes in the waiting room to be seen.  It’s very refreshing to have a doctor who cares as much as he does about his patients.”

— D.B. Sylmar, California.

“I met Dr. G in the emergency department of St. Joseph’s hospital in Burbank. My sister had fallen on concrete and broken her femur bone. Ever since she developed some early dementia I became her medical power of attorney and so I’m writing this review on her behalf. Within an hour of being in the ER, Dr. G walked into the room and evaluated her. He took her by the hand and told her he was going to take great care of her, and in that moment we just knew everything was going to be alright. Her break was very complex because she already had a rod in her femur from a previous injury. Dr. G had to special order implants brought in overnight to do her surgery. And he said he would do them in a minimally invasive way. I was amazed when I saw how small the incision was. She was able to get up and use a walker IMMEDIATELY after surgery.

It has been about a month since her surgery and I can’t believe how far she has come, all thanks to Dr. G. ”

— A.K. San Diego, California.

“May I just take a few moments to extend my appreciation for the fine care you have provided my dearest friend, Tatie.  I have the pleasure of watching her steady progress, and it has been amazing.  Although, I have not had the pleasure to meet you in person, I did want to say many thanks and wish you all the best and a wonderful holiday. Take good care and GOD bless you in the new year.  Please do continue your wonderful work.  We need more excellent doctors like you.”

— M.R. Los Angeles, California.

“The best ever!  Dr. G is kind, patient, incredibly talented and takes the time to explain everything to you in a way that makes sense…I cannot say enough good things!!  And the office is so efficient as well, I have never experienced a wait or insurance issue with Dr. G’s team.  It’s so important to find a talented, trustworthy doctor that truly cares about his patients…I feel so lucky to know Dr. G and recommend him to anyone with orthopedic problems!!”

— A.H. Los Angeles, California.

“Dr. Garabekyan is an outstanding doctor and surgeon. I had a medial meniscus tear, and he was able to repair it perfectly. I would definitely recommend Dr. G to others. He takes the time to throughly explain each step about the procedure. He is very caring, friendly, confident, and experienced. Thanks Dr. G!”

— N.W. Los Angeles, California.

“Dr. Garabekyan is the best – I’ve never had a doctor take complete care of my overall treatment the way he does. He made himself completely available to me and answered every question, assuaging my nerves. His reassuring bedside manner is only superseded by his skill in the operating room. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thanks, Dr. G!”

— K.K. Porter Ranch, California.

“My brief interaction with Dr. Garabekyan was so overwhelmingly positive I felt I owed it to him to write a brief note, because you’ll really understand what kind of person he is when you hear this story.  I’m a Kaiser patient and Dr. Garabekyan is not in the Kaiser network.  My son was having hip pain and we were getting mixed opinions about whether or not he had dysplasia.  Dr. Raven (who is a family friend and also an Orthopedic surgeon) HIGHLY recommended we speak with Dr. Garabekyan about my son’s hips, despite the fact that he was not in our network.  I e-mailed Dr. Garabekyan a brief summary and pictures of the x-rays and within 10 minutes he called me on his cell phone and spent 30 minutes explaining what he saw and how we recommended we proceed with treatment.  Let me make sure you understand how amazing this is – here is a surgeon so passionate about what he does that it didn’t matter to him whether or not he was ultimately going to have the opportunity to treat my son.  He gave us his time because he saw how anxious I was about the mixed opinions I had gotten and he genuinely wanted to help us get the right treatment, regardless of who was going to do it.  I’ve never met a doctor so genuinely concerned about helping people that he would provide a free 30 minute phone consultation and make himself available should we have other concerns.  Truly an amazing doctor and human being!”

— S.Z. Houston, Texas.

“I am so happy I was referred to Dr. Garabekyan for a shoulder injury.  I had an MRI which showed a tear in my labrum and everyone I talked to said I needed surgery.  I was so relieved when Dr. Garabekyan told me that there was a chance we could avoid surgery and instead get the tear to heal with PRP injections and physical therapy.  He showed me where the tear was on the MRI and explained why we didn’t need to rush into surgery.  I was so impressed by his willingness to see things from my perspective.  Most surgeons rush to surgery as a solution, but Dr. Garabekyan is different. He listened to me and understood that my work schedule made it impossible for me to even consider having surgery for at least 3 months.  I just had my 3rd PRP injection and I’m doing great with therapy.  I feel so much better already and I couldn’t be happier.  Hands down one of the most compassionate doctors I’ve ever met!!”

— A.K. La Crescenta-Montrose, California

“Dr. Garabekyan was referred by a friend. Of course, despite the referral I did my own research. Legit background so I went in for a consult. He was professional yet friendly, able to explain the nuanced details of the procedure in layman terms so that I understood what was going to happen to my body, answered each and every question I had, and really just took his time with me. His skill set is phenomenal as evidenced by his examination and use of the latest and greatest techniques/procedures.  Quick recovery/minimal downtime. Will definitely refer to my clients.”

— A.S. Winnetka, California


“Dr. Garabekyan is the best – I’ve never had a doctor take complete care of my overall treatment the way he does. He made himself completely available to me and answered every question, assuaging my nerves. His reassuring bedside manner is only superseded by his skill in the operating room. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Thanks, Dr. G!” — K.K. Porter Ranch, California

“Dr. Garabekyan is the best! He was extremely kind and patient, answered all of my questions, and worked with my insurance to make sure the therapy would be covered. I was also impressed with how efficiently this office is run…I waited less than 15 minutes for my appointment and saw the doctor shortly after being placed in the room. The therapy was incredible and I’m almost completely pain free! This was by far my most successful doctor’s office experience ever. Super excited and looking forward to my next appointment! Thanks, Dr. G!”

— A.M. Los Angeles, California

“Dr. Garabekyan is THE BEST surgeon in the world!! I will be forever grateful for how he helped my mom. My mom had been suffering from hip and low back pain for years, having been told that she’d eventually need a hip replacement. Dr. Garabekyan did the most comprehensive evaluation I’ve ever seen, putting together her lower back issues with her hip and her posture. I’m not exaggerating when I say he spent an hour with us in the room! Never made us feel rushed and explained everything in detail. He was really good about setting expectations and clarifying what the recovery from the hip replacement would be like. She stopped using the walker after a few weeks and is actually able to stand up straight now! I’ve never seen her so happy, and it pains me to think she had been living in misery for so long. I was almost in tears when Dr. Garabekyan gave her a hug at our last visit, I know it meant the world to mom. He’s such a caring and compassionate doctor, we’re lucky to have met him and I’d recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone suffering from a hip problem.”

— M.C. Glendale, California

“My primary care doctor referred me to Dr. G for hip problems about 2 months ago.  I was having difficulty exercising and had gained weight as a result.  Dr. G was so patient in explaining why I was having pain and it turns out I have impingement in my hip.  Unfortunately the damage was too severe for me to have surgery, so instead Dr. G recommended I have PRP injections in the hip.  I finished my third injection a few weeks ago and I can already feel a difference.  The facility is in a great location and there is plenty of parking.  The staff is extremely warm and courteous.  But, I was most blown away with how much face to face time I got with Dr. G at each visit.  I’m so used to doctors running in and out of the office that it was a breath of fresh air.  Hands down one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with a doctor’s office!”

— L.G. Studio City, California

“My ACL & Meniscus tore from an impact injury while playing soccer. A good friend of mine had a recent ACL reconstruction by Dr Garabekyan and highly recommended him. 8 months after my injury, I finally decided to set a consultation with Dr. Garabekyan. The minute I met him, I knew he would be my surgeon. He took the time to thoroughly review my MRI and reasons for wanting surgery (being that my normal ROM was fine due to pre op physical therapy). The fact that he gave me multiple options rather than pushing surgery really impressed me.

Going into surgery, I felt at peace and knew I was in good hands. Post surgery, Dr Garabekyan took the time to check up on me multiple times (especially during the first week) and answered every question I had. It feels good to know he’s just one call away. Dr Garabekyan is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. I highly recommend him to anyone suffering from an ACL / Meniscus injury.”  — N.I. Oxnard, CA


“Dr. Tigran Garabekyan, I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you for your fantastic care of my sister. Your quality and integrity as a doctor and, more fundamentally, As a person, shine through. I cannot thank you enough for the excellent care you have provided. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for you. You have a special gift as a doctor and as a person. You took the time to listen and to make my sister feel valued and respected. You are truly a remarkable doctor and professional that we respect and trust.if anybody is looking for a great doctor look no further this man is truly the best in the profession.” — L.G. Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“For most of my life I have always been active with sports, going to the gym, and training for certain events. Through the years my body has seen a considerable level of wear and tear for a 45 year old exercise junky. Roughly twelve months ago my knees starting hurting when engaging in any physical activity and didn’t feel the same as a result. After a few months of being dormant and hoping the pain would just go away, I realized it was time to see a professional in my area. From the first moment I met Dr. Garabekyan, I knew I was on the road to recovery with his in depth knowledge, immeasurable care, and militant follow up with my progress. His staff always welcomed me with the highest professionalism each and every time. This outcome has been second to none and I have referred friends and family members ever since. Once again I am able to continue with my passion and love for sports. Truly an incredible experience!
See you at the Santa Monica stairs!”  — V.S. Valley Village, Los Angeles, CA

“I tore the meniscus on each side of my left knee. Dr Garabekyan was referred to me through my insurance and I’m so glad he is my doctor. I was really skeptical about doing the surgery and he recommend we exhaust all other avenues first. My knee improved but was unstable. Sometimes it would be fine going up and down stairs and somtimes it wouldn’t. He encouraged me to do the arthroscopic surgery and I relunctantly agreed even though I would fluctuate back and forth to do it or not. (I was considering just “living with it”) I’m so glad I had the surgery. He repaired the tears and took a look inside to see if I had any arthritis. I was able to walk the day after the surgery and even began doing exercises for range of motion. At my appointment one week after the surgery, he told me he did not see much at all of arthritis and shouldn’t need knee replacement surgery in the future. He also said it looks great and one more visit in a month and I shouldn’t have to come back. My knee is progressing wonderfully well and I am looking forward to the day when I will not have to be concerned with stairs. (He says in about a month) I am completely satisfied with Dr Garabekyan and am so very happy he encouraged me to do the procedure.” — A.J. Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA

“After a very long time of hunting for the right doctor for my mom’s terrible hip dysplasia (that shes been suffering from since birth) she FINALLY found the perfect one! My mom felt comfortable with him RIGHT away which is extremely rare for her. Most importantly, it was was a shock that Dr. Garabekyan confidently accepted my mom’s case. The reason I say this is because numerous doctors had denied to operate on my mom since her condition was very complicated. Her x-rays showed vast deformities in her hips and we heard from numerous doctors that “it is nearly inoperable.” Doctor Garabekyan confidently explained the procedure to me and my mother and at once we knew that we were on board with him. He was extremely educated, professional, confident and most importantly patient and informative – saying this with utter most confidence due to my background as a nurse! We chose a surgery date right away!

Day of surgery Dr. Garabekyan came (ON TIME!) with the same positive and confident attitude that shooed away any stress my family and my mom was going through. The surgery was an absolute SUCCESS and before we knew it we were in the waiting room with the doctor explaining all details of the surgery, what we can expect, recovery, and every detail that we needed to know! He was constantly in contact with us throughout the entire hospital stay to ensure that my mom was recovering safely and successfully.

We are now happily and without a spec of stress planning my mother’s second operation on her OTHER hip! The hip that was operated on is INCREDIBLY well and makes a HUGE difference on her walking and quality of life. We are extremely excited for her second operation because we are absolutely confident in the fact that Dr. Garabekyan is the right surgeon for such complex total hip replacement.

THANK YOU DOCTOR! You’ve changed her life!” — A.M. Burbank, CA

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